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Architectural Rendering by William T. Baker & Associates

Architectural Rendering by William T. Baker & Associates

Stoneleigh House

This stone manor house is part of a beautifully landscaped 55 acre estate in Indianapolis. The positioning of the house was carefully planned around some existing mature trees that immediately give the new house a sense of having been here for many years.

The paved approach to the house is lined with century-old maple trees and these lend a feeling of age to the new structure.

Standing majestically on the rear lawn is an ancient oak tree that towers over the house. Its massive canopy provides cool shade from the warm summer sun.

This large house was designed to meet the needs of this family and their six children. In addition to the children's bedrooms there is a bunk room for overnight sleepovers. The lower level has a large recreation room with a media center, kitchen, billiard room, and children's art room.