Noteworthy Details: Nautical Details in a South Carolina Lake House

This special family home is one of the few homes located on what is the largest freshwater lake in the Southeast. Because the lake is owned by the Core of Engineers, construction of homes along the shoreline is limited. This family was fortunate to have owned the land on this part of the lake for many years and thus were able to build on one of the best parts of the lake. 

This stone and shake house with its copper raised seam roof, flush gables, and shed dormers, is charming in detail and belies its true size.

Embracing the waterside location, nautical details are seen throughout the home. The entrance hall has a low. flat ceiling with hand-hewn timbers and shiplap boards giving it a textured casual feel. Ropes are playfully used as railing on the stairs Portholes offer gleaming brass details on swinging doors.