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Architectural Rendering by William T. Baker & Associates

Architectural Rendering by William T. Baker & Associates

Villa Julia

Ideally, houses reflect the personality and taste of the owners. Villa Julia is an accurate representation of the owner’s love of all things French. Among the characteristic French provincial design elements found on the exterior of the house is the distinctive tile roof. Each barrel tile is set in a concrete bed and purposefully laid in a not-so-regular manner, creating the effect of great age and charm.

Just below the roof, these same tiles have been used at the top of the stucco wall as decorative elements. The windows and doors are painted a soft French blue, as are the horizontal board shutters. The front door is enhanced by a limestone surround with iron railing. The whole effect of the façade is set off by a forecourt of loose gravel set within a cobblestone border. A parterre garden of boxwoods and roses completes the entrance to the house.

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The impression of the interiors is one of natural textures and materials. The foyer floor is distressed French limestone and the staircase railing is hand-wrought iron in a simple French pattern. Natural wood timbers accent some of the ceilings. The walls are finished in plaster to complete the feeling of a house in the south of France.

On sunny days, the open air pool pavilion provides welcome shade, while the water spouts projecting from the base of the pavilion create a playful sound in the pool below. During inclement weather, the home’s indoor basketball court and home theater are diversions for family and friends. The while plastered wine cellar with its heavy wood table and stocked shelves invites one to linger and enjoy this special house just a little longer.
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