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New England Shake

Although located in Georgia, this home takes its inspiration from coastal New England Shake-style homes of the early 20th century. Its asymmetrical massing, porches, and tower element all reflect the resort architecture of an earlier time. Other elements of style include the wide double-sash windows with panes of glass on the top sash, and a single pane on the bottom, or a diamond-pane pattern in an accent window. Because of the charm of the style, it has endured as an American favorite and has been reinterpreted over and over again through the years.

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For this house, Baker chose a Tennessee fieldstone cut in a random ashlar pattern to bring warmth to the base of the house. The house's cedar shake is stained a weathered gray color and this in turn is accented with a soft white trim. An authentic cedar shingle roof continues the textural element and complements the house with its aged, soft, silver-gray color. The complete effect is one of substance but also of inviting hospitality, which is exactly what the family wished to achieve.
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