Portfolio / Stone Manor

Gray Gables

When the afternoon sun casts long shadow across the front of the house, the combinations of field stone, rip-sawn timbers, slate, and clinker brick make for an interesting texture of light and shadow on the house. The tall stone parapet gables form dramatic profiles against the afternoon sky. The dormers with their casement windows set deeply in the thick timber framing add to the interest by projecting through the cornice. The dark steel windows complete the effect of a substantial house built to stand the test of time.

Abundant natural light and soft muted tones combine with wood-paneled ceilings, exposed beams, and exquisite timber detailing to provide a warm and tranquil interior atmosphere. A sun drenched stair landing provides the perfect setting for the family's treasured grandfather clock. Behind the house is a naturalistic shaped lawn that overlooks the pool and terrace.  The sound of running water is ever present from the waterfall that spills into the pool from a rocky ledge above. Perched above the rock ledge is a copper frog in a perpetual state of amusement as he contemplates whether to join the children in the pool by leaping into the water.