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Architectural Rendering by William T. Baker & Associates

Architectural Rendering by William T. Baker & Associates

French Courtyard House

One of the most highly anticipated events in Atlanta is the annual Atlanta Symphony Show House and Garden Tour. In 2007, the Symphony chose this house for their fundraiser. 

The site presented some challenges in that it is located on one of Atlanta's most famous and busy streets. Baker's solution for this French-style home was to place two double garages in the forecourt of the house to create a private arrival court shielded from the street traffic beyond. When the Symphony used the house for corporate events, this enclosed area with its cobblestone pavement made an inviting pre-party entertainment area set up with a string quartet and cocktails.

The facade makes use of scagliola stone in imitation of limestone. The exterior walls are thickened to create deep recesses at each door and window opening, providing a three-dimensional quality to the facade. The doors and windows were produced in France and shipped to America. The interiors also incorporate the scagliola stone and this lends an old-world feeling to the foyer and stair hall. The ceilings at 14' feet provide the right proportions to accommodate the home's custom made door and transoms.