Life & Style: Imaginary Worlds at the Atlanta Botanical Garden

For those of you in or near Atlanta, the final weeks of the Imaginary Worlds exhibit are upon us. Elaborate organic sculptures shaped into the form of intricate peacocks, life-like camels, a rising Phoenix and more are on display at this iconic city destination.

We attended the Garden of Eden Ball at the Garden in September and were even more impressed with these massive living sculptures in person. Each artist brought their creative vision to life in such a unique way, with innovative combinations of elements masterfully adding to the composition. The camel, in particular, was a favorite creation.

Fortunately, a few of these organic sculptures will remain as permanent installations at the Gardens. So the next time you attend an event or stroll about the lush Gardens, keep a watchful eye out for Shaggy dog, Earth Goddess and Butterflies. They are sure to inspire you, regardless of the season.